All my posts have been flagged as spam

Went to use Skuid as I found a use case for it only to run into errors. And then, I tried posting on the community for help and I ran into 3 errors when trying to posts. error 422 with no explanation, then an error saying I could not hyperlink to Skuid documentation, and then another error saying I could only post one image in my posts.

Then the next morning I wake up to find out a large majority of my posts have been flagged as spam and removed from the community.

After reviewing the posts that were flagged - it seems any posts with a hyperlink to any other website(even Skuid or Salesforce documentation) have been flagged as spam.

This is very disappointing as I want to use Skuid, but it has become very difficult to find support. However, Rob has always been helpful on a majority of my posts and I appreciate his help.

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Thanks for bringing this up @Sam_Becker and I understand your frustration. I am looking into this now and will let you know when I update the user settings.

For context, we have migrated to a new platform and still fine-tuning some of the site settings as people starting to flow in to see how new community members engage with the platform.

Some of the issues you have enchanted are native to the platform to protect the community and promote reading.

In the meantime, I will promote your account to give you more flexibility for future posts.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!


Your posts has been restored, and I have adjusted the security param to be less harsh for when the system auto flags specific actions for users with Trustlevel 0 (tl0) .

Thank you!!! (adding chars for post to be over 20)