Adding new fields to Salesforce via Reference fields (a la Native SF Lookup field functionality)

Does anyone know how, if at all, a reference field can behave like a standard Salesforce lookup field - in that if you do not find the record you’re after, you could simply create a new one on the fly from within the lookup / reference? I’m trying to standardize inputs by moving from a picklist to a custom object in Salesforce, but a key functionality is adding the new records while in the process as they come up - which doesn’t appear possible with Skuid, unless I go the route of exposing several other fields through render conditions to make sure I capture all the required fields, then using actions to add a row to that model on save.

You should be able to add a button or rich text filed with a link to the new contact page next to your reference field. It wouldn’t be exactly the same as what you are talking about but pretty close. If they don’t find the name in the look up field, they just click the “Add new contact” button or link next to the field to add one.

Thanks for the response Raymond - I ended up creating a template field fed from a separate model that displays my current options as a picklist in a pop-up modal when a user clicks on the default text 'Select your record…". That modal also has a button for ‘Add a new record’ that launches a second modal with the required fields for the record (and a couple others we wanted). When you hit a custom save button, everything is updated in the model, and the modals close. The real magic was adding both the Template field and reference field - which is either populated by choosing an option from the picklist in the first modal or creating a new record in the second modal - into my form with render conditions to hide the reference field and display the template field until the reference field had a value. So now when a user selects or creates the necessary record, the fields swap in the background as the modals are closing and the user see the updated, correct input moving forward.