Ability to disable Ajax instant search?

I’m developing a mobile implementation and the instant search on a Product table is clunky. Could there be a way for us to toggle search via a button press?

Right now, in the table component’s “Advanced” options in the builder, you can disable search for that page. Is that helpful or do you also want to be able to turn off the search from the page?

Hi Anna, The problem I’m seeing is that if you are doing a search on the Contacts object and you have 10,000+ contacts, it creates a lag on the mobile device when you are typing each letter. What I was curious is if we could have the ability to generate the search query after a “Go” button was pressed or if there is a way with Javascript to increase the fetch time on the search query.

David, this is a great idea. Being able to increase the delay time makes a lot of sense for mobile users. We could potentially add a “Delay Time” configuration option for each Search box, as well as the option to show a “Go” button that disables Ajax search entirely.

Zach, that would be awesome. We are currently exploring Skuid on the iPad and hooking it up to Apple TV to throw Skuid on 70" screens, and the results are pretty amazing!

That’s so cool!

top of that would be to have a UI control to define the threshold between the last character typed and the query starting (in milliseconds)

This is super old,  but I found it today.  The ability to control whether or not search is automatically performed was added in the Superbank release.