Zip file path access for Static Resource not working


I’m running 11.0.4 and can’t seem to get the file path field to reference a css file in a static resource zip file. When I search the file path it doesn’t give me any results to select and so I can’t save.

Any thoughts?



I encountered this as well. My workaround was to move the page to a 9.5 org, edit it there, then move it back. If you have the same static resource in both orgs it should work, just don’t touch it once it comes back to Millau. 

That workaround took some dedication, Jack…

Any chance for a fix, fine Skuid folk?

In the meantime, I wonder if there’s an XML workaround…

Here’s the XML from a css static resource zip, paste this within your tag and it should work:


Thanks Jack. You took my hint and ran with it.

Awesome - I can confirm that the XML fix works. Thanks again!

I’ve also learned, whilst looking at this, that if you do a

<ltng:require styles=blahblah />

in a lightning component which references a Skuid page then Skuid will also pull those styles into the referenced Skuid page, which is cool. Unless it’s just a cache thing.

FYI, looks like maybe this was fixed in the latest Millau release 11.0.5