You've been inked error

This discussion was created from comments split from: How to add value from formula field to a field in my Salesforce Model.

Thank you Rob! Huge help.

Now to work out how to deploy this page…

Im trying to make it bind to a Visualforce page (external facing) so customers to use it. I have everything setup but for some reason the page is erroring with:

You’ve been INKED! (Something went wrong)

We were unable to find a Skuid Page named Bookings. The Page is either inaccessible or does not exist. If you believe you should be able to view this Skuid Page, ask your System Administrator to check the Sharing Model for the Page object to ensure that you have access to this Skuid Page.

I have gone through and checked everything and cannot work it out. Visualforce Page code:

<apex:page readonly="true"
  title="Ready Media roup - Online Bookings">
    <skuid:page page="Bookings"/>
  • Guest user have access to the page and the skuid module + page object is Public/Ready Only.

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance.

@“Rob Hatch” - Hi Rob, are you able to give me any advice on this one, I still seem to be having trouble : (

My page can be found here:

Thank you


I’m sorry - your note on the 21st didn’t send me a notification. I think you are running into the guest user changes being rolled out by salesforce as part of the Spring 21 release.

Here is a good writeup of the changes and what you need to do to ensure your guest user can see the skuid page: