Wrong field value shown in Skuid page vs native SFDC Page

I have an issue where a picklist field on the Opportunity Object for the standard Type field is showing value ‘Annuity’ on a Skuid page vs showing value ‘Assets/AUM/Model’ on the native SFDC page for the same record/same user. There are no translations for this field and there are no snippets on the skuid page that would alter it’s value. The value ‘Annuity’ also happens to be the first value in the dropdown. If I go to the record and change the dropdown to another value and then back to ‘Assets/AUM/Model’, then it correctly appears on the skuid page. Any ideas?

I noticed today that if I display a pick list in a field editor set to edit mode, that it displays the first option in the pick list. In the short-term, switch your field editor or table to read with inline edit. You should see the correct value.