Write a Skuid Review on G2 Crowd and get $5 gift card

Anyone interested in writing a Skuid review on G2 Crowd gets a $5 Amazon gift card.  We are new to G2 Crowd and have 0 reviews at the moment.  Disclaimer is you only get the gift card if it is your first written review for G2 Crowd.  




Done. I’m not really fussed with the amazon gift card though!

We found out today we can get featured on a gridscape at Dreamforce if we get 2 more G2Crowd reviews.  Anyone out there willing and able to help us?

Done!  Happy to leave a review for one of the best Salesforce plugins I’ve used.

And done! There are few things I enjoy more than voicing my opinion about tools I use :slight_smile:


And no need for the gift card. :slight_smile:

Would if I haven’t already.