Wrapper with horizontal scroll bar?????

Say I have a blue background wrapper component that is 1200px wide. I put that component in a red colored wrapper component that I set to be a max of 600px wide. I would like the red wrapper component to have a horizontal scroll bar that would allow me to scroll across the 1200px blue wrapper component. Instead, there is no scroll bar. The Blue wrapper just spills out the right side of the red wrapper. Anyone know of a way to force a wrapper to have a scroll bar and to contain the contents of the components in the wrapper without them spilling out?

The answer is yes, you can do this. I modified the idea in the comments of this post to apply to a wrapper instead of a page region. It did exactly what I was hoping. http://community.skuid.com/skuid/topics/master-and-child-page-scroll-bar?topic-reply-list[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][page]=1#reply_18895534