Wrapper excluding parts

Any ideas why the wrapper isn’t wrapping everything contained within it?


Strange, and definitely not desired behavior!

Take a look at the CSS. My guess is that the .nx-editor-header-title class has some kind of top margin that is pushing it out of the wrapper.

I have an “All” margin of 5px - wouldn’t the All include the bottom?

I would think so.

Inspect the element. Are the

s for the template inside the wrapper’s

If not, then skuid has a problem. If yes, then you’ve got a CSS issue (and skuid might still have a problem).

While you’re inspecting, take a look at what’s happening with the CSS.

Not being a coder makes this difficult. I think I’ve snagged what might help someone smarter than me figure it out.


Yeah, it looks like you go the right thing.
The template is inside the wrapper, so that’s good…

But my beginner’s eye doesn’t see any obvious reason that it would be showing up outside the wrapper.

Try adding a few px of padding to the wrapper, just to see what happens.

Sure - here you go. Still doing the same thing.

Alternative solution (although not what I thought I would have to do especially with my experience of sticky headers covering up information at the top of a page) is to put it into a Header and use the Headers properties to get the wrapper effects.