Would like to put Velocify Pulse (dialer) into the popup on skuid

I have a popup on the table that works like a charm for everything, except I would like to have Velocify Pulse to appear and be available to edit on the popup. is it something i can include via an iframe? Currently Velocify is on our sidebar in salesforce. Any ideas or workarounds are welcome. Thanks! 

Have you tried to use a Template component and insert the iFrame code for the Velocify application?

You can usually grab the iFrame code by inspecting the element in the browser developer tools and hunting up and down until you find the iFrame code for the home page component. See below where I’ve got the Twilio dialer exposed in the standard contact layout and have highlighted the iFrame code that you’d need to put in your template.

Of course your code will be different, but I think you get the idea.