Workflows Skuid page

Is it possible to create a Skuid page for workflows? I thought about doing an iframe but it appears Salesforce enforces a same origin policy which creates an error for the iframe.

I"m not sure I get what you are after. Workflows dont’ usually have a UI,  they are just server actions taken in response to data states. 

Can you give me a better idea of what you are after? 

I’m asking about the workflow creation process.

I don’t think they’re salesforce objects, so I’m not too hopeful. But would love the skuid customization if it is.

Umm,  no.  Sorry… We don’t try to skuidify standard salesforce setup screens. They do so many custom things there that we’d spend years writing javascript to replicate it. 
We also don’t really reccomend trying to incorporate those screens as iFrames.  Pretty buggy…


I understand. That’s what I figured. Thanks!