Wizard Step Reload

I have a wizard component and have steps that require refreshes of the objects on the page to see the result of workflows, processes and javascript buttons on both same and prior steps. Is there a way to load the object data to show the same wizard step after refresh? Right now, we are refreshing the browser and this always defaults back to step one of the wizard. We want to stay on each step and see the new data created by the workflow, process or javascript button without having to reload and go back to step one each time. 


It sounds like you might want to take advantage of the query model or query models action. You could add the query model action after your other actions (workflows, processes, javascript buttons) so that the data gets updated. For example, if you had a button that ran some javascript you could add one more action at the very end to query the model or models affected by the javascript. If you aren’t able to add the action after your other actions, you could also try adding a refresh button at the top of your page with just one action - query models, and then select any models that you want to see updated.