Wizard Skuid Page Error Issue


I have a wizard of 3-steps.


I have added the below code (in action snippet for button on step1) to show error message when no row selected for a table in STEP1.

var table = $(’#CatalogTable’),list,items;var editor = table.data(‘object’).editor;
if (table.length) 
   list = table.data(‘object’).list;
   items = list.getSelectedItems();

            message: ‘Please Select an Offer!’,
            severity: ‘ERROR’

else { editor.clearMessages(); }

When I come back to the STEP-1 by clicking on back button from STEP-2, 
still the error message being shown on page.

How could I get rid of this ?

Thanks in advance!

Can you add a snippet as an action to your back button to clear messages from the editor?

Hi Raymond,

var table = $(’#CatalogTable’),list,items;var editor = table.data(‘object’).editor;

I added above lines as an action snippet for back button.

It works!!!

I thought there could be some other way (declarative) than having a snippet to clear messages

Thank you!

Glad it worked!