Wizard question - using custom object (child of opportunity)

Hi, I created a custom object called “Risk Assessment” that  has the opportunity object as its “master object.” I am trying to add the fields from this custom object into a wizard on an opportunity detail page that I created. I was able to create the model for this related object and add fields, but there is nothing showing up in the wizard even after I add the fields to it. My goal is for the wizard to walk users through completing one or more risk assessments that are tied to that particular opportunity. There is nothing in that custom object yet, because nothing has been created. I want the wizard to walk them through creating it.

I guess the main question is how do I get data into that new custom object? and have it tied to a specific opportunity.

Maybe this isn’t the best way of doing this? I am a new user and just want to allow users to create these risk assessments and view them right on the opportunity detail page. Thanks

Hi Jim,

It’s actually pretty simple

On skuid page I assume you have both models

Opportunity and Risk assessment

And assuming you just want to create new "risk assessment ’ in that wizard and not view existing ones

on Risk assessment model:

Uncheck load data on page load
Add a condition : Opportunity= Page/URL Parameter Value : Id (if that is the case) or use Field from another model and point to the ID field of opportunity model

then in wizard button add following actions:

-Create New row(s) on model: risk Assessment (if you click the + sign next to that action you can add ‘default values’ for any fields in risk assessment model)
- Save changes in model Risk Assessment
- Query Model: Risk Assessment

Now simply add table or Field editor with fields you want

And done

Hope it helps.

If not clear let me know


Hi Dave - thanks for the reply! I’m going to give it a try later today… I’ll let you know how it turns out. 

Hi Dave,
I have tried to do what you said but it is not working for me. Here are some images of what I am doing…

HI Jim,
Sorry could not get back to you sooner, I was out of the office the past couple days .

Looking at your screenshot , it seems you misunderstood 1 thing, the actions I described above have to be added to the wizard button and not to the model’s action

Please remove all model actions on risk assessments and add them to wizard.

Here’s detailed instructions:

In Builder:

-Add a wizard component
-by default a ‘button’ is added by the name of 'Next Step"
-select button
-Change Action type from ‘navigate’ to ‘run multiple actions’
-go to actions tab
and add following actions
-Create New row(s) on model: risk Assessment (if you click the + sign next to that action you can add ‘default values’ for any fields in risk assessment model, like I did on screenshot below for 'Account ID )

  • Save changes in model Risk Assessment (if you want it saved at this point, you may just want the user to save it when their changes are done)
  • Query Model: Risk Assessment
    -Navigate to step (enter step ID, be default it should be ‘step2’

As well make sure you put your field editor component for 'risk assessment; on step 2 of wizard, as step 1 should be opportunity

Here’s a sample screenshot below of the action tab on wizard button:

Hope it’s clearer