Wizard not working after Banzai upgrade for related record creation

So we’re experimenting with Banzai and upgraded in a sandbox as we really want to take advantage of two new features for a project we are launching and moved over some of our pages to the sandbox to test them before upgrading our working environment. Of the two we’ve tried, neither worked initially but one was fairly easy to fix (seems the parameter handling is less tolerant in Banzai). The second one is a wizard and we’ve been working on it for almost two days now and can’t figure out what is wrong/different in the new release (it works in the old release).

The wizard finds a contact and creates a custom object record (artwork) on the first page. On the second page, it creates a record of another custom object (application) that has lookup fields to the contact and first custom object (artwork). For some reason, the ID of the record created in the first step is not passing to the lookup field on the second page. During preview we see that there is an error (with some tweaking it will tell us that there is an invalid reference id for that object and sometimes no specific error output). If we put the lookup field onto the page, we even see that it is filled out. Very confused…

Below is the condition on the application object for the artwork record.

Also observing that even if we tell the action that is saving the application model changes on step 2 to proceed if there is an error, it isn’t creating the new record. HOWEVER, if we add the artwork lookup field to the wizard on step 2, when we get there in the preview it is filled out - but still doesn’t work. If I edit the prepopulated (correct name) value in the lookup by typing the name again and waiting for it to pop up in the squid lookup) THEN it works!

Not sure if something changed about how the conditions are handled but would love some advice, pointers or support on getting this working. Anyone got pointers?

I’m seeing a similar same thing with cloning multiple opportunities. Previously, I could create 2 opportunities with 2 sets of line items without a problem. Now, all of the line items get attached to the first opportunity that was cloned.

                s                                                                                                                                                                              Create New Renewal  {{Model.label}}             ClonedOpp1 RelatedLineItemsClonedOpp1 RelatedContactClonedOpp1                             ClonedOpp1 RelatedLineItemsClonedOpp1 RelatedContactClonedOpp1 ClonedOpp2 RelatedLineItemsClonedOpp2 RelatedContactClonedOpp2 ContactstoUpdate                        Account   Owner                                           Related Contract Users  {{Model.label}}       Contact Name {{{Contact__r.Name}}}    Ref Nbr {{{Name}}}                                       There are no Contract Users associated with the Original Opportunity.  {{Model.label}}             &lt;div class="nx-editor-header-title"&gt;Products for Renewal&lt;/div&gt;         Product                            Contact                          Create Year 2 Renewal  {{Model.label}}           Account   Owner                                                                   <skootable showconditions="true" showsavecancel="false" searchmethod="server" searchbox="false" showexportbuttons="false" pagesize="25" createrecords="true" model="RelatedContactClonedOpp2" buttonposition

Skuid folk - any news on what needs to change when upgrading a skuid page, esp a wizard?

In both cases I think they are going to be local changes to the customizations you have applied. We would like to look at your pages.  Would you be willing to grant us login rights to your orgs and send us the OrgId and the page name? 

Rob - that would be great! Access granted.

OrgID: 00DJ0000003Phhu
Page: https://skuid.cs10.visual.force.com/a1UJ0000000lfLoMAI (LOIApplicationNewRecord)

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Any word on this page or if supporting wizards creating records and passing the record ID to the next page is no longer supported? If it no longer works, our plan is to sacrifice normalization of the data model and use Salesforce tools to make it work. Need to decide path forward later today so any input is much appreciated.

You were next.  Give me a few minutes. 

Chris.  We did find a regression in your page. 
If you have two related new record models that are not saved in the same action - what used to happen is that when the first one was saved,  the relationship ID in the second model would be swapped from the temporary ID used on page load to the real salesforce ID from the first model (created as it had been saved).  This is no longer working in Banzai and we will fix it. 

You do have one workaround option.  If you don’t save in step 1 of your wizard but just navigate your users to step 2, and in the action at the end of that step - save both models.  Both models will get the salesforce record ids and the relationshiop will be maintained. 

Again thanks for the regression report.  Sorry it took us a few days to get back to you. 

Thanks for the workaround, Rob. We are back rolling with this form now. Looking forward to the fixes in the new version soon :). Onward!