Wizard navigate buttons on top and/or bottom of wizard

We have a use case where long wizard pages would make it convenient to see the ‘navigate’ buttons on both the top and bottom of the wizard.

Alternatively, make the ‘navigate wizard step’ option available for pagetitle components placed within wizards.

This idea has been proposed in several forms. 

In the mean time you can call the next step aciton in 3 lines of Javascript - which can be bound to a button anywhere on the page. 

var wizard = $(’.nx-wizard’).data(‘object’); 
var currentStep = wizard.steps[wizard.currentstep];

I put that code on row actions in tables and lots of other places… Works well. 

Nice. Thanks, Rob.

Is there any way to generically navigate to the ‘next step’?

Here’s an answer: https://community.skuidify.com/skuid/topics/wizard-navigation-generic-javascript