Wizard button conditional rendering bug

I have a button Conditionally Enabled on a Wizard that has some weird behaviors going on.

My button’s conditions require 1 of these 2 fields to be completed to move to the next step:

Looks good when you get to step 2 (not rendered because there’s no data yet)

Once I fill in info for one of the fields, the button is enabled!

If I add data to the other field, it disables itself. But the condition says any condition must be met (either one must have data in it). Why?

If I mark that line for deletion, the button returns:

If I unmark for deletion, the button is enabled again as it should have been from the start.

Does the problem continue if you rebuild the button?

Same steps produce the same results


Hi Joe~

Thank you for reporting this! I have been able to reproduce the same issue you are experiencing and will let our developers know.


Hi @Karen - any luck on a fix?