windows.prompt() pop up comes twice

Hi every one, I am very new to skuid as welI as javascript need ur suggestions as i have a javascript snippet where i have to get value from user using windows.prompt() method. it is working fine for old records in but while creating for new record pop up is coming twice means asking me to enter value twice. if i enter value then not saving in salesforce object and when is open console showing error : skuidReqs.js:1 Uncaught No row provided

[Violation] ‘click’ handler took 10864ms

i would be very thankful for the solution…

Hi Ameer, I hope you’re doing well. 

  • What are you trying to accomplish with this snippet? If possible, please provide an example of the snippet.
  • What version of Skuid are you using?
  • Are you building with API v1 or v2?
In general, we recommend using tools within Skuid to accept user input, such as the field editor (v1) and form (v2).  These allow for more dynamic configuration and styling. Rather than going outside of Skuid’s declarative functionality such as by using windows.prompt(), you can connect the field editor or form to existing data or you can use a UI-only field or model if the user input is unrelated to the data.