Will the page support files static resources work if we deploy them to different Salesforce instance

We currently have a fully automated deployment process and would like to avoid having to manually generate the support files whenever we deploy new skuid functionality across orgs. Ideally we would click “Generate Support Files for All Pages” in a dev org and then deploy those to the higher environments and not have to regenerate those files in each instance. Is this possible?


It’s not possible. You’ll have to re-generate the page support files in every org because the page ids will be different across orgs. That being said, you might not have to manually generate the page support files. If your process includes unpacking a page pack, the page support files will be generated automatically (as the pack unpacks). The only time you’d have to generate the support files yourself is if you were copying data directly from the skuid__Page__c object and uploading it using a third-party tool, or if you are using Skuid’s grunt CLI to deploy pages from a version control system (like git). In that case, you’d need to either re-generate all page support files for your org from the settings page, or you could use the Page List to find recently updated pages then use the mass action.