Wildcard Search on a Table

When using wildcard search on skuid table it only gives you options to select a record from a list of records that meets criteria. Is there a way to have filter the table with the result from the wildcard search? 

We would like to see more than just one record that meets criteria. Thanks

Andrew, could you post a snapshot of how you’ve configured your search properties on the Table component you’ve mentioned here?

Karl, I am using a normal select option search, see the image below

When a user enter ******21 in the search box, records meeting criteria are shown for them to select the one they are looking for, I would like the table to be filter with all records that meets the search criteria instead.

With the image below, the table should only show records that I have highlight in yellow. Is this possible?

Andrew–have you tried the Search Inventory Search box in the top right of the table? I wonder if you’re able to just use that instead…you can also turn on SOSL to improve search performance and only let the table query target name or text fields specifically.

Karl, What we are looking for is the ability to filter the table by more than one field on the snapshot shown after the table has been filtered with results from searching ******21, users should also be able to search the filtered table with another field for example commodity code. Please let me know if this makes any sense. Thanks

Karl, Can you let me know if what we are trying to do is possible? Thanks


If you are wanting to type information into the box and have it update the table, you will want to use the search box instead of a filter. When you use filters, the table gets updated when you select a filter option, not just when the filter options get displayed. Please check out this tutorial on how to create searches on tables.

Hope that helps!