Why won't my V2 Page Include reliably render?

I’m building and Opportunity overlay in the latest version of V2 (12.2.6) and have another Opportunity-facing Page Include built to render when a specific tab on a Tab Set is selected. The issue I’m having is sometimes the Page Include renders, and sometimes it does not. If it does not render, I can usually get it to render by toggling to a different tab and then returning to that with the page include. 

Here’s what my logic looks like on the tab. It’s the same for both rendering categories. 

What can I do to get the page include to render reliably upon page load and upon toggling the tab? I took a video recording of the issue in action. It’s on Google Docs here: 


I went into both pages and ensured all Id fields were added to the Opportunity models. I removed any fancy actions from the tab and deleted the page include section. Reset and started again. Re-read the tutorial and used the query string “id={{$Param.Id}}”. The page is now reliably loading. 

Good Job Eugene!