Why won't my custom search properties work?

Hey Skuid Community!

I have a reference field on a form that is just an auto-generated ID that doesn’t make any sense when searching to match it to a record. However, when I attempt to inject some fields, they simply show up as blanks. I’ve triple checked that these fields are available in the related Model.

Original reference field with IDs shown:

My customization of the Search Properties for the field:

Results of my update - showing blanks:

Any suggestions or tips are much appreciated!

Thanks Skuid-mmunity!

So when you say “related model” are you refering to the model that the form is bound to? Cuz these fields from the parent object need to be on THAT model. Not on some other model.

You need to include the fields in both the Display Template and Search Template. (You can get different displays for previously selected references -v- the drop down for selecting a new one.

But otherwize I don’t see anything awkward about your setup…