Why is my Visualforce tab override redirecting to original and not Skuid?

This is my first time trying to override a tab for a custom object to a Visualforce page that redirects to a Skuid page. It appears that the tab is taking the user to the Visualforce page but then the Visualforce page redirects back to the original page and I see “nooverride=1” in the URL.

Here is what I’ve done:

  1. I have a custom object Group_Service__c (label = Group Service)

  2. I have a Skuid page GroupServieList with "Tab to Override" set to Group_Service__c
  3. I have a Visualforce Page groupserviceRedirectSkuidTab with Markup
  4. I set the Group Service object's "Button, Links, and Actions" setting for "Group Services Tab" to groupserviceRedirectSkuidTab
  5. The user has a Skuid licence and a permission set that gives them "Visualforce Page Access" to groupserviceRedirectSkuidTab.
I'm assuming I'm missing a step---any help is appreciated!

Have you set your Skuid page assignment?

  1.  Add Page Assignment 
  2. On the new row set the following:  Object type:  Group_Service__c  
  3. Action Type: Tab
  4. Applies to: Organizational Default
  5. Record Type: Any Record Type
  6. Page to Use: Skuid Page   start typing the skuid page and select it from the list.  
  7. Click Save
This would be the step you are missing if your set up is similar to mine.  

I believe on your Visualforce markup (step 3 in your example above) I think it is supposed to be recorsetVar=“c” not “g”.  


That was it! Thank you!