Why is my Skuid page override preventing edit mode?

I have configured overrides on the View/Edit function of the Contact object and a custom object. My overriding seems to be working in that it goes to the right Skuid or standard page at the right times based on profiles and record types. However, when I try to double-click on a field in the standard layout it does nothing, and when I click on the “edit” button on the page to go into full edit mode it redirects back to the view-only page. Is there a config that I’m missing? When I turn de-activate the Page Assignments I can edit again, but of course then I’m not overriding to the right pages anymore.

Peter - why don’t you try assigning the “View” action to your pages.  If you have a Skuid page whose components are in view/edit mode they should all work.  This is what we use.  

I can confirm that just using “View” works fine for me, too thus far. I had to change the VF page as well as the Page Assignment.