Why is drag and drop broken?

I’m having trouble dragging and dropping fields into field editors and tables. What’s going on?

If drag and drop isn’t working, the most common problem is that the component hasn’t been set to the appropriate model. You can only drag fields from the selected model into the component.

To change the model:

  1. Click on your component (e.g. Table, Field Editor).
  2. In Component Properties, set the appropriate model.

Drag and drop should work now! ;D

Some Notes:

  1. We chose Accounts as the model for this field editor, so now we can drag and drop any of the selected fields in the Accounts model into this table.
  2. Click on a field and drag it into the table. You can drag from the list on the left, or the one on the right. Make sure you see the little yellow strip that lets you know where you can drop the field.
  3. You must drag child relationships (like Cases) and related object fields (like Owner.Name) from the left-hand panel.