Why don't model's parent fields appear in the field picker?

I’m building a template and want to add a field from my model, but the field picker for the template isn’t showing it. I can manually type in the field’s name and it works fine, but when I try to use the field picker, it doesn’t appear there. See screenshot (Even when not using the filter function on the picker it doesn’t appear.)

Hi Peter, I think you have to click the green link arrow on the student field to see those fields since it’s a parent relationship. Does that make sense?

Duh. I guess I assumed since I did that once to choose the fields for the model that all the chosen fields would now be directly in the same list, but that makes sense.

The Template field-picker will only let you add Fields that are in your Model — however, if those fields are in a related object, you will have to do as Ben said and use the green link arrow to navigate to that related object.