Why doesn't DAY_OF_WEEK(TODAY()) work as a Ui-Only field?

I get a blank value in return. 

Same thing with DAY_OF_WEEK(NOW()). Can you not nest functions?


For reference, I am trying to get the date of the preceding Monday based on today’s date. Getting this part to work is the first part of that.

Try wrapping each function in VALUE()

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either.

Hi Seth,

Nesting formula-functions is possible.

What is your “Formula Return Type”?
If it’s anything else than “Text” or “Number” (“Percent” would also work but that won’t make any sense at all in your case) it won’t display anything.

The reason is, when the “Formula Return Type” is set to e.g. “Date” the formula wants to convert a number (e.g. 2) into a date, which is an invalid date and therefore returns null.
So always make sure to select an appropriate “Formula Return Type” :slight_smile:


Ah, you’re right David, thank you. I had set the field to Date, since that was my end goal. Forgot it wouldn’t allow me to debug in the process.