Why does Table inside Drawer not appear properly?

Following the tutorial ( http://help.skuidify.com/s/tutorials/m/supercharge-your-ui/l/269735-add-nested-rows-to-your-table-wi… ) but using my own models, I find that the table gets drawn with a single line.  If I add a global action to query the model, it draws correctly (but I don’t want to have to do this manually).  I can also add an Action to the model and use a query of the model as a trigger to requery (which makes my head spin) and it also has the desired effect.

Is there something I need to do in the Before Load Actions section in addition to what is in the tutorial to ensure that the Model is ready before the Drawer tries to render the table?


I think the reason is that the Table was set to permit scrolling.  Is it possible that because of this, the table gets rendered with a single row of space allocated, then when the model updates, the resize routine sees the scrolling and just makes a scrollable one-row table?

In any case, that was my solution - disable scrolling.

Yes… We don’t support scrolling tables within drawers.  They just don’t play nice together right now.  You will see lots of funny results. 

Is it possible to make a guard against naive users doing this?  Like me…  I didn’t mean to, but there are so many options it was hard to keep track of all the things I’d tried to make this work.