Why can't I add an accountpartner from a table?

I have a page that contains a Table tied to AccountPartner. I’ve configured the Table to be editable. When I preview the page, my table populates correctly, but I can neither add nor delete a record (neither ‘+’ nor ‘-’ are displayed for the table). I know that AccountPartner / OpportunityPartner are odd ducks - in the standard SFDC UI you can’t customize the related list. Am I in the same boat with skuid?

I was wrong before — you can do this no problem in Skuid, just use the Partner object, not AccountPartner. Your “Partners” model should have one Condition: AccountFromId = the account id. Then, add the “AccountToId” field into your table. You should be good to go!

That worked, Zach. Thanks! Partners are still “broken” from an SFDC related list point of view - they’re non-editable. You can create & delete them, but you can’t change the Role of an existing relationship. I get why that is (when you create a Partner, SFDC actually creates TWO, one for each direction of the relationship, so it’d be hard to coordinate any changes) but it means we’ll probably have to create our own custom relationship object. That said, thanks for finding and helping me past my problem.