Why are fields showing up outside a responsive grid

I have a few responsive grids where the data is showing up out side the grid. I have multiple fields on a row, so the row is overflowing instead of dynamically wrapping under the other fields.
Any idea why the responsive grid is not being responsive?

Hey @TWyatt_Bluefin ,

To clarify, are you using v2 or v1, and which component you are using in the image(i.e: table or form)?

If you have an XML you can send, can you send it so I can take a look so I can load it in my env with standard obj.


if you are using a field editor, the field editor settings or the Column settings of the field editor may be causing issue. If you have the fields in a wrapper, those wrapper settings may cause issue.

Consider a nested responsive grid where you put on field per grid so you get more control over wrapping.

v2, Skuid 13.0.7 (version before Chicago)
Form editor.
No wrapper used.


The XML.