Who to hire to help with Skuid development

We built a business application on Skuid/Salesforce and up until this point, one of the founders has been the only Skuid developer on our team. We’re now finding our growth limited by not being able to develop pages and solutions as fast as we’d like. We need to add someone to our Skuid team, but we’ve never hired for this position before. Obviously, we would love to hire someone with Skuid experience, but we are more than willing to train the right type of new hire to use the tool. Does anyone have guidance on who to look for, how to find our next Skuid solutions team member. 

Their primary role would be troubleshooting bugs in our existing application along with working with department heads to create new pages and applications for interacting and visualizing our data, creating more efficient workflows etc. 

we are in talks with opengate.com which seems like a good fit for us.