Where to find new model option for asynchronous loading in Skuid 10.0.0

As per subject.

Also, there’s a spelling mistake here.

Also, I don’t see the new table option in v10 either. I tried the “make table mobile responsive” option but it did not change the way the table rendered on my iPhone.

Hi Pat,

You’re looking for the Load Model After Page property, which we’ve now added docs for here: https://docs.skuid.com/latest/en/skuid/models/#the-basic-tab

Something worth noting is this the model property currently does not appear for server-side models—effectively meaning any model that references the current Salesforce org where Skuid resides. 

Models that point to another data source—even external Salesforce orgs—will have this property, and it will work as expected.

Also, good catch on the typo. It shall be fixed!

Hrm, tables with that component property enabled should render differently on a mobile browser… It could be a caching issue, so I’d see if clearing the browser’s cache resolves the issue.

I found the issue which isn’t really a problem as much as a housekeeping issue. If you have a page that is not set to mobile responsive, but you have components in them that are (like a page that is in a page include), you get some randomness in how components are rendered. Like a page that is marked to not be mobile responsive will render as a desktop page, but if you click a tab that lazy loads a page include for a page marked mobile responsive, the parent page transforms to mobile responsive too. You just have to be consistent with with all pages and components. The new mobile responsive tables are nice.