Where is this "Button Set" component?!

I spent most of yesterday trying to add an arbitrary button to my Skuid pages/pop ups, and in the end concluded that I either had to use “empty” page titles or perhaps some HTML in a “Template” - which did give me action/styling headaches. These were the tips (perhaps outdated?) that I picked up from the Internet, combined with my own innovation…

Then as I work through some other stuff today I came across this: The Button Set Component

Where is this?!! I don’t have it in my Layout menu… I’ve looked all over for it; and I would have loved it 24 hours ago :smiley:



Whats the trick? Can someone teach me the secret handshake to custom buttons?

You need to install the Brooklyn release of Skuid to get the Button Set component: skuid.com/releases

Button set is available in Brooklyn (latest Skuid release). I am currently still using Rockaway and use the navigation component for buttons. The navigation component set to horizontal with only one navigation item inside of a wrapper makes a great button. You can perform all actions with the navigation component, not just navigation.

Ahh man! Thank you.

Jeez. I only installed Skuid on Dec.22nd, so I just blindly assumed I must be running against the latest major version (which I knew to be Brooklyn) - but I was not! This probably explains a whole load of other “huh?” moments I’ve been having from various articles I’ve been reading.

I have now gone through the update process and have my Button Set option. Thanks!

When they roll out updates they do a “Give it a try” period for people to install in their sandboxes or production as they wish. There are usually a couple bugs that get ironed out over the first month or two then Skuid pushes the major release out automatically. You just happened to come aboard during that in between phase. Keep checking for incremental updates as they will likely include bug fixes.

Somehow, it’s always me who manages to squeeze through the gaps into shadowy places I’m not supposed to be. Thank you for the heads up. I see there are already incrementals for Brooklyn, so I will make a mental note to keep an eye on future ones before my project really kicks into gear. Cheers again guys. I’m loving Skuid so far :slight_smile: