Where did the download link to older versions go?

The latest Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before page no longer has links to older versions of Skuid.

Understanding that the desire is always to have customers install the latest versions, there are situations where specific versions are needed (e.g. if testing has not been performed against the latest version).

Can the ability to download older versions be restored please?


We do periodically remove the links for older versions of Skuid for the reason you mentioned: we want customers on the latest version of Skuid. However, we do typically keep a few versions back listed, making today change a break from the norm. I’m the one who made the call, and I think you’re right that it was a bit premature. I think I’ve got all the ones that were published this morning back up now though. Sorry about that!

Hey J -

Appreciate the quick response and your understanding on this.  Completely on board with wanting customers on the latest version (I’m hoping to get there soon myself :)).  I think having 1-3 older versions available in addition to latest is ideal especially in situations where you guys release several versions in quick succession.

Thanks again!