Where did actions go on v2 decks?

What happened to actions (row/mass/global) on decks in v2?  Have they never been on v2?  Are they coming soon?

Latest version of the documentation still says Decks still have mass actions, so I’m wondering if I’m missing something…


Hello Paul,

Thanks for raising this. I have alerted our docs team that they are mentioned in current docs and I know there is a story in the backlog to address the functionality. I’ll have to yield to them on where this is in the backlog at the moment.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention!


These actions may have been left out since the List component has them. The actions are better suited for a component that will only display each record as a row on the screen, whereas a deck can show multiple records.

The deck is the most UI capable component for showing multiple records, why would we not want to include mass actions on it?  I agree there are times that it doesn’t make sense, but that should be the choice of the builder, not the tool.  I just built a custom mass action on a deck because I was doing things a list and a table can’t do in my card, even though to the user it looks a lot like a table.  It’s unfortunate I had to custom build it when it was OOB on v1.

Please bring back actions to the deck!

I agree with you.