When to create a skuid component or page include?

Skuid is awesome!
A lot of the topics here are about “how to” and it is great but I’m curious on architecture of the page and management of the xml produced.  I’m afraid i may be making page clones and essentially having duplicate functionality on different pages.

What are common things to consider or look for when you should make something a skuid component or page include?

It may not be a fair comparison but they both share re-usability of blocks to build your page.

I’m a big fan of page includes to reuse pages in as many places as possible.

What is your thought process when breaking skuid pages into page includes?

I have a wizard with similar steps and am curious on what to pull out into a page to setup models, actions, and action framework actions.

Well. I use page includes in 2 ways. 1. Detail pages are also New and Clone pages. I’d also use them in popup and panel, but I don’t currently while I have them setup as child pages to my master. Thinking about making them their own page without Master and then page include them even for a Detail page. That way I could use them in popup and panel without my master page included. 2. I use them for Tab pages. First for the main tab pages. Take Opportunities for example. I have a Opp tab page with only a page include to another Opp page. I then use the same page include in subtabs on detail pages. Account detail page for example has a tab set with Opps being one of those.