When not to use skuid:page component?

I’ve been using the Redirect and Page Assignments approach since I started using Skuid. I’ve never had issue with it until I wanted more control of how the page is presented.

Using the Visualforce component, skuid:page, approach has many reasons TO use it instead. Are there any reasons NOT TO to use it other than the following:

  • initial cloning of VF pages ExportData, UploadImage & Include
  • The "Tab to Override", "Show Header" and "Show Sidebar" properties in your Skuid Pages are ignored. Tags on need to be set.
These to me seem insignificant to the gains in using the component.


Hey Pat - I think the only reason I can think of to “NOT” use skuid:page is if you don’t need to take advantage of one or more of the properties/features that it provides. It’s a superset of functionality over redirect so there isn’t anything you get with redirect that you can’t achieve with skuid:page. In my situation, I exclusively use skuid:page for various reasons - More granular control, ability to embed additional page specific javascript on the VF page itself, etc.

The redirect is a perfectly good solution for straightforward situations. If you need more control, skuid:page is the ticket.

My thoughts exactly. Just couldn’t of any good reason to not use it. 

I agree with Barry’s thoughts — the redirect approach is the “simplest” to implement for beginner Skuid users, because there’s less to tweak on the Visualforce Page and no need for the initial cloning of the pages as Pat mentioned. Personally, I’d always use the page component approach.

Thanks Zach.

The switch is underway. Only about 70 pages to do. :S

Just make sure you’ve read through the first few sections of this document. http://help.skuidify.com/m/page-assignments-and-overrides/l/201793-using-the-skuid-page-visualforce-…