When loading data in using a custom component only 11 records are loaded.

We have a custom Google Map component with properties: Model to load data from; Fields to use for Street; City etc.  We are using Google GEOcode to give us the Lat & Long in our JS file stored in Static resources.  When we load the page we always only get 11 records.  We have used alert() to see what is being loaded and the model loads all 19 records but the map only draws 11 points.  If we change the order of the records i.e. Sort records by Account and change the order the map redraws again with only 11 records again.  We have changed the API version to V3 but still no luck.  Is there something we are missing or is it that Google GEO Coder is unreliable and should we approach this differently? We have searched the web for this problem but cannot find a solution.

Hi All.

We have this partially fixed.  It stems from Google GEO limits.  If the data renders too fast then Google has a hiccup.  We are applying a fix and will post it here for others once resolved. 

Thanks Gregg.