What should I use as a custom tab URL for a Skuid page in the portal?

I have built a few Skuid pages, and I’m showing them in the partner portal. Because we need to also show some standard functionality, like reports and Content, I have assigned the Skuid pages to a custom web tab. The URL I’m using for each tab is like this: https://SitesURL.secure.force.com/apex/skuid__ui?page=PageName This seems to work fine when I login normally to the portal. For administrative & troubleshooting purposes, we also want to be able to use the “Login as Portal User” button on the portal Contact’s page, particularly to verify record visibility issues on the Skuid pages. When we do this, though, and click on one of the Skuid custom web tabs, we get a portal login prompt instead. I know we’ve got a rather custom setup, with a custom SF domain, partner portal, and custom SF Site login page, but I can’t determine if there is a way to form this URL to have the Skuid pages accessible when doing “Login as Portal User”. Any ideas?

Hi Peter, I’m thinking about this one, but haven’t really thought of a good way to do this using a Web Tab. Is there a reason why you can’t use a Visualforce tab for this? I would try this, make a visualforce page with the following code.

<apex:page action="{!redirect}?page=PageName" controller="skuid.Redirects"/> 

Then make a visualforce tab that uses this page.

oh wait, i remember why you couldn’t use visualforce tabs now. You can disregard my last post. I’ll keep thinking about this.

Actually, now that i’ve thought about it a little more. My previous post might work. If that doesn’t work, try this for your visualforce page.

<apex:page showHeader="true" sidebar="false"> <skuid:page page="PageName"/> </apex:page> 

Thanks! I tried the second option and it worked great. I just had to enable “show header” on the Skuid pages and give permission to the VF page to all users.