What is the relationship between the Calendar Lanes and Events.

I have a calender and a few events. The events show up fine when I don’t have lanes. But if i add lanes they don’t show up. So I think I may be missing some sort of a relationship. Thanks.

Hi Software Developer Guy,

In order for Calendar Lanes to work correctly, you need to make sure 2 settings are set correctly.

The first setting is the Grouping Field on the event source.  This property specifies which field on the event should qualify that event for a particular lane.  With the current functionality of Skuid, this field MUST be a lookup or master detail relationship field.  Typically this field is a lookup to a Room object or a Person object or something like that.

The second setting is the Grouping Model on the view.  Set this to the model you want to use to be the source of your lanes.  If this model has 5 records in it, there will be 5 lanes.  If it has 2, there will be 2 lanes.  The concept of lanes breaks down pretty quickly if you have more than 5 or 6 records in this model.  There just isn’t enough space to show more than that.

Skuid will then match the Id stored in your Grouping Field on the event source to the Id of the row in your Grouping Model.  If these two id’s match, that event will be placed in that lane.  If the Id does not fit in any lane, it will not be shown.

I saw from another post that you were using a List Custom Setting as your Grouping Model.  I don’t think this will work because you cannot create lookups to Custom Settings in Salesforce. (At least not yet).  For lanes to work properly, you’ll have to create a real object for your Rooms and then create a lookup to Room on your Event object.

I don’t seem to be able to add a Lookup from the Event Object. Should I be using the Event object or is it a good practice to create a new object all together for an office appointments calendar. Thanks.