What is the preferred method to have a message/notification display when a task is within x amount o

I have 2 buttons on multiple pages, schedule a call/schedule a meeting. I would like to have a message display at the top of the users home page tab when the scheduled task is occurring in 2 days as a reminder. I’ve read through a lot of related conversations but I didn’t come across one that stood out to be one that was tailored close enough to what I am attempting. Any insights/examples that will point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. 


I’m not sure I completely understand but here is a sketchy idea. 

I assume  you already have a skuid page built that shows on your home page.  

- Build a model on the page that queries events that occur within the next 2 days. 
- Use a template component to build a warning message.  
- Conditionally render the template so it only shows when there are rows in the model. 

If you want to list those events,  they can be put in the template.  Or you can add a table below the template that shows them off. 

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood what you were after. 

I’m working through it now and the only issue I’m finding is that I need to be able to differentiate wether its a scheduled call or meeting. Other then that I think what you gave me is going to work, about to test it…

Scratch that I got it… Thanks for your help again Rob!