What is the best way to access Lightning Icons to use in our Skuid pages?

We’re in the process of moving our Partner Community over to Lightning so we want to update our Skuid Theme to match Lightning.  A key component for the “feel” of Lightning are the icons.  Is there a way to access those directly in Skuid or should we download them from somewhere like https://www.lightningdesignsystem.com/icons/#standard and store them in AWS or somewhere like that.  

It would be really cool if we could somehow just access them directly though using specific classes. If anyone knows if this is possible please let me know!


I would recommend checking your Skuid page out using Skuid’s Lightning theme to see if your desired icons are available or not. We are trying to keep the Lightning theme as current as possible with the Lightning design system for a seamless user experience in Lightning Experience. If that doesn’t get you the icons desired, you may have to follow Salesforce’s icon implementation tutorial