What fields are cloned in a Skuid Custom Clone page?

I’m putting together a custom clone page using Skuid, to copy a parent & all related child records.

Before I get too far along, I just want to get a better understanding of what fields are cloned. 
From the documentation for “Custom Clone Account Page,” I can see that you do not have to have the fields on the cloned page to work.

But will I need to have any fields I’d want cloned “checked off” in the model on the original/clone page?


Basically all fields are cloned if they are included in a Model in the Skuid Page that does the cloning. So if you don’t want a field to be cloned, don’t include it in a Model in that Skuid Page.

Awesome - thanks for clarifying, Zach!
And by “page that does the cloning” I assume this is the original that you are pressing the “Clone” button on, correct?

No actually this is whatever Skuid Page that you are using to override the Salesforce Clone action for that object (unless the object is Account). It should be a separate Skuid Page.