what do i need to do to submit a skuid application to the app store

this will be an unmanaged app its in use by one organization

Do you mean the AppExchange?

yes, sorry

First step is to pass the Security Review.  This will get you started in the right direction:


Doesn’t it cost money to get the security review done? Or is that only for paid apps?


There is a one-time upfront fee, and a small subsequent annual fee for this process. The initial Security Review fee is $2,700 USD for each paid app submitted (no fee for free apps).  This includes the annual listing fee of $150 USD for the first year. If you have questions, speak with your Partner Account Manager (ISV) about Security Review fees.

i should have been more specific. i want to do an unmanged package

the salesforce part of the process seems pretty simple. what i don’t know is how i set it up so it has skuid trial licenses ?

You won’t need Skuid trial licenses if installed in a Sandbox, only if installed in a Production Org.

Will your package will have a dependency on Skuid?

yes, the whole thing is skuid forms