What do I need to do to allow a partner portal user to see my Skuid pages?

I’ve created some Skuid pages which work great with a standard SF license, but when I go the page when logged in as a partner portal user I get a general permissions error. Other then ensuring that the portal user has access to the underlying objects for my pages’ models, is there anything special I have to do to ensure the page works for partner portal users, such as add permissions to Skuid components?

As with all users, you will need to make sure that the Partner Portal user has the following: 1. A License to the Skuid managed package 2. Is assigned the “Skuid Page Viewer” Permission Set. 3. Has record access to the Skuid Pages and Page Assignment records you’ve created that they would need to see. 4. Access to any custom Visualforce pages you’ve created that redirect users to Skuid pages. That should take care of everything. Here’s a tutorial on this: Granting other users access to Skuid