What are the skuid chart animation time(s)?

We ported one of our dashboards from ExtJS to Skuid (yes!!).  We are using Skuid for 2 out of the 4 charts.  We got to develop 2 custom skuid components.  Our components looked a little drab next to the fancy Skuid components that animated on the model change so we did the same.  Based on several empirical tests, I found our 2 custom components match the animation time of the two skuid components (most of the time) at 150ms, but sometimes the skuid charts animate much faster.  The skuid charts also animate in such a way that leads me to believe they are coupled.  That is they both seem to render at the same speed.  I think it would be more visually appealing if our charts animation time exactly (or closely) matched the Skuid chart animation time. Does anyone have some insights into this?  Or how to do this? Not too important but seemed like a fun topic to discuss on the community.  Thanks for the help!


This is a fun question! We actually set the initial series animation duration to 250 ms, but everything else is Highcharts default. Looking at their API docs, I think refreshes are set to 500 ms, but I haven’t verified that. I’m also not sure how much browser performance can affect the actual animation time, if it does at all. At this point, the only way to change these settings is with a Before Render Snippet. Does that help explain the discrepancies you are seeing?

Oh very good to know.  It looks like Highcharts is open source and they have some good example fiddles that I can play around with.  I will try to integrate my JS in their example fiddles to get the sync working w/out Skuid - and then try to retrofit those changes back into my custom skuid components.  If I am successful or I learn something in the process, then I will reply to my post to share the knowledge.  As it stands, you gave me the info to move forward.  Thank you very much.  Best Regards, jason