What are the procedures for moving Skuid into production?

What steps need to happen to move Skuid sandboxes into production?

Check out the tutorials here: 


They describe stragies for moving pages from org to org.   

But there are some other things you need to make sure get moved. 

1.  The skuid package itself needs to be installed. 
2. Any VF pages used for overrides need to be moved
3. Object / Action overrides need to be moved
(These two can be moved as a change set)
4. Page assignments need to be re-implemented. 

That should be good. 


Is there any way to hide the fact that Skuid is powering the application?  For example, let’s suppose that I have a managed package listed on AppExchange.  Can I embeb Skuid w/o having the subscriber install Skuid first?

Just need to know my options.


Skuid will always have to be installed into an org before your Skuid pages will work.  There is no way around that. 

A Salesforce TrialForce install process is the cleanest way to manage these multiple package install processes - as you can designate exactly the packages and sequence and its all transparent to the user.   But that has to be new Salesfore instance,  which is problematic. 

Otherwize you have to give instruction to your customers about the prerequisite. 

We have a number of partners selling on the App exchange or managing packaged installations with multiple customers.  They have been able to successfully do this integration - though I suspect there is a level of handholding that makes them nervous.   Calling Greg Baxter?  Glenn Elliot?  David Ross?  do you guys have any thoughts?