What are some Best Practices for Naming Models?

Can anyone share a naming convention that they use when creating models for SKUID pages?  For example, I saw in one Deep Dive Youtube video that the key word “Selected” was used when data that was not loaded on page load with an open filterable condition.

We are just beginning to create SKUID pages and I can see that this will be out of control without a standard naming convention.

One side question…any impact of changing the name of a model after using it in a page.  In other words, does it just change wherever it was used?

We don’t have anything completely formal regarding naming conventions. Just one warning.

If you have included pages, make sure to enforce model name uniqueness between the parent and included pages.

Other than that - we reccomend repeating model names so that your snippets can call them without needing to be adjusted from page to page.

When you change the name of a model, we do change the model name in lots of places. Components usually stay in synch with the new model name. Filters, Model conditions etc stay in synch. But you do need to be careful if you have hard coded the model name in any Global Merge template statements, or in any javascript code. These will need to be changed manually.

Sometimes its good to go to the XML and search for the old model name just to make sure there are no remnants.