Week date range

I can see how to build charts grouped by week number. The chart shows the week number, but most people do better withing seeing the date range of a week. Is there a way to display the date range for the week on the chart?

If I can’t fix the chart and have to build table drawers that summarize data by week, is there a formula to get the first date of a calendar week and the last data of a calendar week?

There isn’t anything out of the box to effect this transformation. In addition there are some pretty wild differences in convention about week numbers. Apparently what counts as the first week of the year is different in Europe than in the US. Wow.

I spent some time looking at Excel formulas that attempt to do this. (See this) and both couldn’t understand what those formulas were doing, and realized that Skuid doesn’t have all the same formulas.

But I contend that some combination of “Date-Add” and “This Year” data functions will work to deliver the goods. I just haven’t figured it out.

I ended up using a formula to calculate calculate the date of the end of the week and then use that for grouping/charting. It reads better than the week number.
FORMAT_DATE(DATE_ADD({{projected_close_date}}, 7-DAY_OF_WEEK({{projected_close_date}}), DAY), ‘mm/dd/yy’)