web form public access

I created a form using Skuid. Can anyone point me to a reference on how I can have public access to this on my website.

This tutorial is a good place to get started. 


Thank you for the quick reply. I followed the tutorial but I am faced with a login screen instead of it just being open for someone to fill out the form.

Hi Tami … broadly speaking, the approach is to put your public Skuid page inside a Visualforce page, publish that page on a Force.com Site and ensure that the Site’s guest user profile has permission to view the page and to access the necessary objects and fields. Have you configured the guest user profile for your site?



I have a similar issue.  As per your note, I am trying to change “Guest User Permission” on Account, Lead or Product object as defined in (step 4 - E as defined in first link below)


However, I am not able make “read access”
Below screen shows that most of the standard and custom objects do not have access

Following screenshot shows that I cannot change “read” access to any of above standard object.


Your images above are of the Skuid Permission Sets - that have very little to do with what you are trying to do. You need to update the Public Access Settings - which are available from your site definition page. 

Look again carefully at step 4 of the tutorial you linked to above.